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Power Yoga has become the most significant upshot approach, with a great number of remedies output. Unlike simple yoga, power yoga does not only strengthen the body and make it flexible but it also aids in burning equal calorie proportion, releases stress and tension and boosts metabolism. Moreover, it can help strengthen and flex the inactive or toned muscles.

What about power yoga?

The benefits that power yoga gives are not only restricted to yoga classes but it can be gained at home workout yoga as well. Hence, even though power yoga can be performed at home, the following are some of the things you have to know before you experience one of these classes before you know it.It is faster process

It is no doubt that power yoga is a power-packed workout since it can make you sweat a lot. The power yoga poses and postures are premeditated in a particular way that it will make you hold your breath for quite a long time before you move on to the vinyasa.

Helps in the process of strength gaining

Although yoga also addresses that it can help on rejuvenating toned muscle and strength, in power yoga, there’s a bit changes in the pattern of exercise as the yoga enthusiast constantly holds his/her whole body weight. In other ways, it also serves as a great cardiovascular exercise.

It will make you feel vitalized

Others may think of power yoga as an intensive workout, and eventually an exercise that will make them easily tired. But on the other hand, even after the non-stop intense workout, the yoga enthusiast will gradually feel the burn inside that will assist in weight loss.

Benefits of power yoga:

  • Activate toned muscles
  • Aids in burning fair calorie count
  • Increases flexibility and stamina
  • Releases stress and tension to a reasonable amount
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • You become more relaxed and focused

Great yoga poses for startersBasic squats

All exercises that constitutes yoga starts with Surya Namaskar, which really aids you in performing the cardiovascular exercises more efficiently and getting warmed up. Then, followed by Utkatasana, which helps in tightening and toning the muscles of your thighs. This particular exercise starts with simply doing down half-way, keeping your back straight and going back with the similar pace. Never forget the breathing exercise that goes with it.

Downward dog to half plank

As a main part of our traditional practice of Surya Namaskar, you can go on from descending confronting dog to half plank. This is great for developing the quality of your abdominal area, especially if you are still a beginner. 

Small Dog to Plank

This is great type of power yoga for those are rooting for weight loss. This exercise will make the muscle strong and will strengthen the core muscles simultaneously. 

Standing leg raise exercise

This power yoga exercise involves your thighs, knees and your whole lower body. Studies show that this has become one of the finest cure for strengthening thigh muscles and weight loss at the same time.

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