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Alcohol is every fitness enthusiast’ greatest enemy. They would never coincide and intersect with each other. You can’t justify the advantages of drinking alcohol because it would always end up taking a toll on your body. Most of the time, we are surrounded by friends and relatives who drink regularly, and no matter how much we try to convince them about the negatives of consuming alcohol, they’d always find ways to drink. You could never burn off the calories if you decide to head to the gym because the alcohol in your system wouldn’t allow that to happen. It only makes your workout useless and your routine worse.

Effects of Alcohol Partnered with Fitness

As a past consumer myself, I can ascertain that drinking too much leads to making decisions that you will eventually regret in your whole life. Regularly consuming alcohol makes you weak and diminished. Detoxifying your body is not always sufficient for everyone, and if nothing helps you withdraw from the dangerous habit, it would be better to seek professional help. There are tons of rehab clinics and psychologists who can help you to rehabilitate yourself.

Alcohol in your system does not help with any workout routines at all, and it only serves as a hindrance to your goals. Below are some effects of how alcohol could ruin your body and shut down your system partially. Perhaps this article could help you realize that drinking alcohol is damaging to your body and help yourself or even your friends to stop consuming alcohol regularly.

Slower Recovery

Heavy exercises drain the glycogen accumulated that gives your tissues time to repair itself. Glycogen is the carbs in your liver and muscles so if you empty the alcohol in your system, and it would give your muscles more time to recover from the massive exercise. Alarming amounts of liquor uproot the glycogen, leaving your body with a 50 percent lower than ordinary. If you’re having a hard time with this, there are muscle-repairing proteins for sale in the market and make sure to buy some before heading to the gym.

Stock Up the Fat

When you have liquor all throughout your system, instead of burning the excess calories, it prioritizes the operation of alcohol rather than burning the fat and carbs. Liquor detaches the amino acids so that they could store them as fat. Liquor sanctions the fat stockpiling due to the building of the levels of cortisol, a pressure hormone. All in all, it piles up the fats in your body making it hard to burn them off.

Sleep Interruptions

Not only is alcohol dangerous to our physical health, but it also affects our mental health. Liquor could be another factor to sleep disturbance that diminishes the duration of your rest and heightens your attentiveness. Not only is this a hassle because you have to wake up all the time feeling unsatisfied with your rest. Alcohol upsets the circadian rhythm of our body and could diminish the human development hormone supply that manufactures the muscle.

Drain the Water and Nutrients in Your Body

Alcohol is dangerous to your body because of its nature. Liquor causes your stomach lining to having scratches that can deteriorate the stomach’s ability to ingest supplements. Not only this affects your stomach’s ability, but it also affects your pee! Yes, you might have noticed that if you drink too much, there’s a tendency that you must visit the bathroom multiple times. The only way for you to rehydrate is to drink more dried-out drink such as brewed drinks.

Sporty Activities

Liquor dramatically influences a person’s capacity to perform different actions, exercise, and games that require coordination and mental accuracy. It is because the alcohol slows down our response time, dexterity, and adjusting that is necessary for accurate, athletic execution. Liquor also goes around your body as a diuretic through speeding up the loss of fluids that your body severely needs for hydration. It also empowers the formation of lactic acid that could cause problems such as dilation of blood vessels, increased sweat production, and dehydration.

Gaining Weight

Just like our favorite soft drinks, alcohol is another factor for us to gain weight. Alcohol contains calories that could add to your weight increase. It is perhaps everyone’s nightmare that they might gain several pounds on their body. In this case, it’s not necessarily the alcohol that directly causes our increase in weight but the mixture of two beverages every day could prompt the expansion of your cholesterol fat. Any combination of two drinks and liquor is a tremendous example of this, could lead to the building up of your fats in the stomach area. Some refer to this as a “beer belly,” since people who have this are the ones who drink alcohol regularly. If you want to drink so severely but prefer not to have that round belly, limit your alcohol intake to one or two beverages only!

Heart Problems

The justification that you hear from many alcohol lovers is that having a drink or two is right for your health. Perhaps, this is true since there are a few benefits that alcohol could bring. But take note that alcohol increases your levels of solid cholesterol and in turn, decreasing the risk of heart failure. It is only applicable to ages 45 and above. If you fall below the age mentioned, it will always remain a dangerous element in your life, and by learning to control yourself, you could escape the risk of having multiple health problems.

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