The 4 Most Common Uses of DNA Testing

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As DNA technology advanced, so is the application in different fields of DNA testing. From diagnosis of genetic disorders up to forensic uses, DNA is there to answer inquiries and questions.

Below are the top four uses of DNA Testing.

 For Health

DNA testing has been applied in the diagnosis of multiple health disorders in human beings, and its genetic origin. Various us to take advance precautions for us to avoid its damaging effects. Today, DNA testing is offered by multiple research facilities and companies. One can get in touch with them, and have the services that they provide.

For Archeological Studies

Archeologist all over the world uses DNA testing techniques as a method for them to identify the genetic codes of our ancestors. The results that are found of this identification are then used for comparison, and we also use this as a source of reference. Through the information about the gene of our ancestor, we can grasp and evaluate the concept of evolution and genetic mutation.

For Family Tree

DNA testing is also used in determining the exact connection of a family tree back to its ancestors. For instance, in men, a Y gene does not get altered even if it goes from one generation to another. Through this, one can trace their exact ancestral line.

For Criminal Forensics

One of the most useful and essential applications of DNA testing is its role in criminal forensics. Security agencies and police departments are using this method for them to detect and store the genetic information of a criminal and match it with the evidence that is collected at the place of crime. This comes very helpful because not only that it has allowed crime enforcing agencies to capture the real culprit, it has also released those victims who have been judged by false and inaccurate evidence.

The four examples mentioned above are just some and most used applications of DNA testing that are utilized all over the world. The accuracy and certainty of DNA results are what makes the method so sought after when it comes to finding answers to some questions.

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