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Homelessness is one of the biggest problems that the world faces today. Many people are thrown out of their houses due to various reasons as in old age, gender problems, physical disabilities and many other problems. Such people who are left abandoned on the streets are found everywhere on a regular basis. Little do we have time to stand and think about their life and health issues that they might go through. So, here we are going to discuss the major health issues that these homeless people face.

Lack of nutrition:

This is one of the basic health issues that almost all homeless people have to go through. People who live on the streets do not get enough food and facility to lead a decent living, and they beg and live on the streets. They will have to be thankful if someone is kind enough to give them a meal a day. There are many days where they will have to hit the bed with an empty stomach. So it quite obvious that they suffer from lack of nutrition and that naturally cause a lot of health issues.

Unintentional injuries:

People who are left on the streets have nobody to take care of them. They live, eat and sleep as they please. This way they will meet unexpected accidents or might hurt themselves unintentionally. However, if they are lucky enough to get quick treatment, it will be better. But in most cases, they don’t. They let the wound be and later that develops into a serious injury killing the person eventually. This way even unintentional injuries can take a toll on their life.

Skin and foot issues:

Quite similar to the previous condition, people who live on the streets are forced to live in half-built shelters and torn clothes. This way they are always keeping themselves to extremes climatic conditions. If not immediately on a gradual basis they might develop skin and foot disease. Added to this other conditions like insufficient medical care and lack of proper food can aggravate the condition.

Mental issues:

It is not easy for people to live in the streets. They can be exposed to various social evils, and that is the reason why most people on the streets are affected with mental problems. A study states that about 75% of the women who are abandoned face these issues, and they are mentally affected. People are harsh with them, and few go the extent of even sexually harassing them, and this can worsen their state.

Infectious diseases:

People who live an abandoned life usually live in groups to keep themselves protected. Since all of them live in unsafe and unhygienic conditions, they are prone to a lot of infectious diseases. Even if one person is affected the others in and around the place are easily affected, and they are unaware of the surroundings and also because they have nowhere else to go. This is the reason why contagious diseases spread fast in the streets.

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