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Homelessness is quite a big issue across the globe. There is not one country that you can point your finger at and say that this country doesn’t have a homeless person. Almost every street that we ever know in the world has at least one homeless person measuring the street. This is the reason as to why we consider homelessness as one of the biggest societal issues. But it quite shocking to note that a country that is as developed as Britain is facing this issue on a large scale. So here we are going to dig a little deeper and figure out the facts with regard to Britain’s homelessness!

Britain and its homelessness:

It is quite unbelievable to digest the fact that Britain is a country with such a vulnerable issue. The first thing that our mind tries to figure out is the reason for homelessness in Britain, but before that, we must see the most basic thing. If we have Britain take the lead in this issue, then there is no doubt that we will have the other western countries standing behind Britain in the same line of guilt. So we strongly have a feeling that the rising need for secluded living and the western style of independent can carefree living has caused this pathetic state. There is no cultural or societal obligation for children to take care of their parents. It is more like an act of kindness in the western world, and that is why the homelessness issue has grown out of proportion.

Reasons for the issue:

  • In case if we have to numerically split the reason and mark them on a scale of 100, then the following would be the reasons as to why Britain is facing homelessness issue.

  • About 37% of the people who are homeless in Britain are due to the heartlessness of their family members. This means that they are no longer ready to accommodate their aged parents.

  • The next reason is about 20% of them are on streets due to lack of a private space to live, and about 19% of them are left on streets, because of the issues that they have with their partners. These people do not have anybody to support and are incapacitated to start a new living.

  • About 7% of the people live on streets due to financial constraints, and they have lost their houses to debt and other similar troubles. 18% of the remaining homeless people do not have a specific reason, or they simply do not fall in any of these categories.

Is there a remedy?

Of course, we have a lot of homes to take care of these people, but the truth is that this problem still persists and there is no perfect and permanent remedy to this problem. All we can do is to tell people the hazards of letting family members on streets and helping them understand that a little bit of kindness to elders can teach their children a better life lesson.

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