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For so long, we have been consuming Yogurt as part of our diet. It’s a necessity for many delicacies across various nations in the world. The most fundamental question that pops into our mind when we think about yogurt is that what is the difference between Yogurt and Curd? We often hear about Curd being compared to Yogurt and how similar they are. Many people know their difference! They are both dairy products but belong to different types. Yogurt is a product caused by fermentation of bacteria in the milk called the “Yogurt Culture.” This process turns the proteins found in the liquid to solidify that affects the taste and texture of the Yogurt. The Curd experiences the same process but is not caused by bacteria but through an external intervention such as vinegar or sugar.

Concerning the taste, the Yogurt has an acidic and sharp flavor, whereas the curd is more acidic and sourer compared to the Yogurt. There are many ways that Yogurt can be prepared from a variety of livestock such as cow, yak, sheep, and reindeer but the most common is the cow’s milk. Let us assess the contents of a Yogurt for us to have a better understanding of how it benefits us.


Let us go over the nutrients that a Yogurt has. Yogurt is high in calcium that is a very significant mineral for our skeletal system. Yogurt is made from milk, and it’s very much evident that it would be rich in calcium.  Not only is calcium the component of yogurt, but it’s also abundant in vitamins such as Vitamin B which proves to be beneficial for your heart’s health. Other nutrients found in a Yogurt are potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium which shows to be vital for regulating the blood flow in your body.

With only a cup of Yogurt, you could achieve at least 15 percent of the daily quota of each mineral found in the Yogurt. Many companies manufactures yogurt that strengthen the product with vitamin D for your immune system. All in all, it’s a useful method if you want to stay healthy regarding nutrients.


As mentioned above, Yogurt came from milk that is inherently rich in protein. Yogurt is also abundant in protein which is essential for strengthening your metabolism. If your metabolism is heightened, you could burn more calories in a span of time. Yogurt has 12 grams of protein for every 200 grams of the product, but you have to take note that the Greek yogurt is thicker in which it contains more protein than the usual Yogurt. Due to the richness of Yogurt regarding nutrients and protein, you could stave off the feeling of hunger for extended durations.

If you are lactose intolerant, you would usually avoid reading this article because it would prove to be unimportant for you. However, yogurt is more comfortable to digest than milk so don’t worry about yogurt making a mess in your stomach. It is due to the good bacteria present in the Yogurt that makes the absorption process in your body more relaxed. Fret not, lactose intolerant readers!

Benefits of a Yogurt

Maintains the Blood pressure

Fast food and other restaurants turn our diet into something full of salt. Because of this, we consume twice the amount of salt that is recommended for our body. Yogurt is the solution for this! Due to the massive amount of potassium found in the Yogurt, it could drain the unnecessary sodium in your body and balance the levels in your body. It sure is a huge help to consume Yogurt on a daily basis if you continuously consume salt-abundant foods. Another benefit of eating Yogurt is that it could prevent the rate of you catching a cold. It is because the T cells are necessary for maintaining and strengthening your immune system.

Fast Recovery Rate

Many gym trainers propose that you consume a cup of Yogurt for an hour within your workout. Yogurt is rich in proteins and carbohydrates, making it a great workout treat. The proteins in the Yogurt supplies your body with the amino acid that is beneficial for your workout routine. And the high carbohydrates found in the Yogurt helps in the recovery of energy post-workout.

Beneficial to Women

If you are a diabetic woman and you’re afraid of the high risk of vaginal infection, Yogurt could help you in many ways. Yogurt is acidic by nature which allows your pH levels that in turn helps them with the infection through decreasing the effects. Osteoporosis is common for women also, and the calcium-rich Yogurt could help women with this problem. If you could maintain having Yogurt in your diet, you could avoid the risk of having osteoporosis and say goodbye to bone pains!

Weight Management

Afraid of getting more weight? Yogurt is a solution for that! The proteins in the Yogurt contains an appetite-reducing hormone. Appetite is our desire for bodily needs, especially for food and if this is reduced, the passion you have for consuming a mountain of foods will go away. Sometimes we find it hard to control our eating habits so by consuming Yogurt, and we could at least reduce our appetite. With the high rate of obesity proliferating in our world, it’s high time that we start cutting the numbers by merely eating Yogurt. There have been various studies that indicate the effects of Yogurt as a weight management tool to be affirmative. Want to get healthy and skinny easily? Eat Yogurt!

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