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The marvel of our bodies is the liver. It’s a vital organ, which is liable for breaking down the fats and secreting bile along with removing toxins from the body. The major concern for most individuals once they think about the food they take is weight loss. However, what the majority fails to understand is that they must be careful of the food they consume in order for you to save your liver from chronic health issues. Here are detrimental eating habits, which might affect the health of your liver that must be prevented.

Excessive alcohol intake.

An excessive alcohol intake can cause a very negative result on your liver—from mild scarring to extreme inflammation of the liver cells. It lessens the capability of your liver to remove body toxins. Thus, it is recommended that you consume alcohol moderately.

Processed foods

Consuming an excessive amount of processed food makes the liver prone to a lot of preservatives, additives, and artificial sweeteners that are harmful to your body. As much as possible, you must attempt replacing the processed food with their fresh substitutes.

Medication overdose.

Too much over the counter drugs intake with no consumption could be dangerous for your liver and in severe cases could possible lead to liver failure. Drugs are meant for a reasonable purpose. The moment we take advantage of its usage, we are going to face its fatal aftereffects.

Red meat.

Not every type of protein can be broken down by the liver. Although given that red meat is high in protein content, it is suggested to substitute it with other protein sources like beans, nuts, whole grains, soy, etc.

Salty food

Excess intake of salt can lead to your liver retaining excess fluids; canned soups and packaged foods are composed of high content of sodium that may cause destruction to your liver. So, you must try to prevent packaged food and, instead, eat a lot of fresh alternatives as you can.


Sugar is not only bad for your teeth. Too much sugar intake can harm your liver in ways you cannot think of. Sugar is composed of fructose—a substance that’s responsible for a high build-up of fat. People who are accustomed to taking in white bread frequently must beware since it contains high sugar content. As a matter of fact, consuming too much of some fruits can also increase your body’s fructose content. A fatty liver could lead to different liver diseases.

Trans fat.

Each food item that contains a list of ingredients, which are somehow hydrogenated, is containing trans fats, whether it is mentioned or not. Once your diet happens to contain high amount of trans fats, then you will most likely gain weight rapidly and this can definitely be harmful to your liver. Cutting down on processed and cooked food, which has human-made fat, is a great option to lessen the generation of body trans fat.

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