Run Faster with These Secret Tips Everyone Tend to Overlook

Lots of question pops up into our minds when it comes to running, with the first one being “How can I run faster?” And after that, a series of questions then follow one after another like “what’s slowing me down?” or “are my legs not strong enough?” and so on. However, it all boils down to our feet and how we train them.

Tobie Hatfield (Nike’s Senior Director) said that in order to run faster, it all starts be strengthening our feet. “People don’t think that it’s that important because those of us who are on our feet all day at work, at play and certainly at training, probably already think that they’re already getting stronger.”, Hatfield added.

There’s a fine line between being all day at work or play and training your feet to run faster. In fact, the key to boosting your speed starts at strengthening every muscle on your feet. The same applies when you build arm muscle to lift heavier things.

So assuming that you trained hard to run faster and you’re probably done reading thousands of articles on the web about how to strengthen your feet. It all comes down on what you put on your feet all day long. The moment we put something on our feet (such as shoes), our feet muscles get weaker. With that said, the best way to strengthen the feet is by walking barefoot.

The World’s First Barefoot Shoe

  • Hatfield has been working on Nike since 1990 and has been studying about how the human foot for the rest of his life. This 2019, Hatfield release the Nike Free 5.0, the shoe that can make you feel like running barefooted. Ernest Kim, The Director of Advanced Footwear Innovation of Nike stated that the shoe is designed not just a piece of protection for the foot, but also how the body interacts with it. “We didn’t want to create a shoe that looked like a foot. We wanted to create a shoe that was intuitive and really letting our body guide the shoe.”, he added.

Four Easy Steps to Run Faster

  • The key to running faster is not to run longer and faster, but to improve your running skills better. Listed below are four steps to strengthen your feet and give your running speed a boost up. These steps listed below goes well by wearing Nike’s Free 5.0 shoes that was briefly stated above.
  1. Start with Walking – The first thing to do to run faster is to practice how you walk in great form. Keep your head high, shoulders back, and walk at a faster pace.
  2. Warming it Up – Don’t just go ahead and run to your heart’s content. Start by warming up like running at a nice and easy speed for a few minutes. You can also do dancing, skipping, or even kicking to warm your feet up before you hit the trail.
  3. Gradually Increase Your Runs – Stop aiming for longer distances when you’re still starting out. Instead, do some short runs for this week, and a longer one for the following week. Gradually increasing your runs will help your feet to move naturally and adapt to the distance you’re running.
  4. Recovery is a Must – Have mercy on yourself. If it’s time to rest, then take time to rest and recover for a while. Your body needs to recover, and the only way to do this is to lessen the activity by not putting any stress on your body. Don’t worry if you’re still not the runner you wanted to be; you will gradually improve yourself in the long run.

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