A Simple Metabolism Hack to Burn More Calories

According to a study, our bodies suddenly become a power calorie burning machine around 5 pm. Researchers are having a hard time deciphering how this happens, suspecting that the metabolism acts like this according to our circadian rhythms.

This means that every time we sleep, our bodies are exerting less energy, thus slowing our metabolism rate. That’s why some diet tips recommend not to eat late at night because it’ll make you gain fat. During the day, however, our metabolism suddenly rises until it reaches its high point at five in the afternoon.

That’s why it is important to sync our diets depending on the time of day to make it more effective. Here’s how!

  • Stick to Your Usual Schedule

  • Maintaining a consistent and regular schedule is the first step in this kind of diet. Meaning, you have to wake up and go back to bed at the same time every day. This applies to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner too. The moment you fail to maintain your daily schedule, your sleep, weight, and health will suffer in the long run.
  • Avoid Eating at Extreme Hours

  • We always fail at things, especially at maintaining our schedules. It’s not your fault, especially if you’re a worker were going home late is really a thing. Say, for example; you got home by 10 pm, avoid eating heavy meals at this hour because you’re less likely to burn them off. Instead, grab a meal before leaving work especially around 7-8pm. The same thing goes when you wake up early. Avoid eating breakfast at 4 am where your metabolism is still at its lowest point.
  • Plan Your Carbs and Fat Intake for the Day

  • Studies show that fast carb burnout happens in the morning, while fats burn quickly in the evening. That’s why it’s important to eat your carbs in the morning while fat at night. The difference is small, but at least it’ll help you out with your weight loss. Have a healthy carb breakfast such as a bowl of oats during the day and foods with good fats such as cheese, salmon, and avocado at night.